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Climate Change: I don’t think the environmentalist movement is an anti-capitalist attack: Boris Johnson

Own report: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called on the world to come forward to tackle climate change. He made the call at the UN General Assembly on Wednesday.

“The world is in a crisis right now,” Boris Johnson told the UN General Assembly. We have to take responsibility for the damage we have done to our homes and ourselves.

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World leaders will meet in Glasgow next November to tackle climate change. Ahead of that global climate conference, Boris Johnson presented some important climate issues. Boris said climate change would cause irreparable damage. We are making the world uninhabitable. And that is why the earth has become unsuitable for other creatures. That’s why the Glasgow conference is important, he said.

Boris also appealed to developed countries to stop coal-fired power generation to reduce carbon emissions by 2030. He also raised the issue of reducing carbon emissions in his country and conserving forests.

But Boris looks a little different in his climate message. Has become a little mild political. Climate change activists around the world are usually seen with a slightly crooked eye. Boris made it clear that he did not see the environmentalist movement as an anti-capitalist attack.

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