WorldCitizens are invited to vaccination with announcements made from ambulances in Bingöl

Citizens are invited to vaccination with announcements made from ambulances in Bingöl

According to the data of the Ministry of Health, work is being carried out in the city center with 40 mobile teams and 4 ambulances working within the Provincial Health Directorate in order for Bingöl, which is one of the provinces with the highest incidence in Turkey and is in the orange category according to the vaccination rates, to pass into the blue category.

The teams call the citizens to be vaccinated with the announcements they make from the ambulances, they go to the homes of the citizens and offer vaccination services.

Provincial Health Director Dr. Mehmet Emin Gündoğdu told Anadolu Agency (AA) that mobile vaccine teams have come a long way in vaccination studies in the province with their intense efforts recently.

Emphasizing that the increase in the vaccination rate has been at a visible level, especially in the last month, Gündoğdu stated that they are carrying out the second vaccination studies in all villages, and that the mobile vaccine teams deliver the second dose of vaccine to those who have difficulties in transportation.

Vaccination rates increased

Gündoğdu stated that they are working hard in the city center and district centers as well, and said:

“Especially by combining ambulance teams and mobile vaccine teams, we make announcements by making use of our ambulances. We ensure that our citizens reach their places of residence and vaccinate as soon as possible and comfortably. We are trying to increase the vaccination rates in our city. Our mobile vaccine teams also make an intense effort at this point. There has been a significant increase in our province recently, in terms of both reaching and persuading, as well as getting the second dose of vaccine if these people have had the first dose, or getting the vaccines of our citizens who have never been vaccinated.”

“We say blue suits our Bingöl”

Working in the Community Health Center in the mobile vaccine team, Dr. Muhammet Aydın also explained that they brought the vaccine service to the citizens in order to reduce the number of Covid-19 cases.

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Expressing that they have been going to villages and neighborhoods intensively with mobile teams for about 2 months, Aydın stated that their goal is to ensure that Bingöl passes into the blue category.

Aydın said, “We say that blue suits our Bingöl. We also do our best, we use every means possible for the citizens to be vaccinated. All we want is for our citizens to come and get their vaccinations. We have the capacity. As long as the citizens come to get vaccinated. Let’s put it in the blue category.” said.

Stating that as the demand for vaccines increased, the number of cases also decreased, and ambulances traveled from street to street, street to site, site to site, Aydın said:

“If we have disabled or bedridden citizens, we go to their homes and vaccinate them. I hope we will get rid of the epidemic we are in as soon as possible. The only solution we have for this is to be vaccinated. What we want from citizens is to trust science, and not to give credit to what they hear from social media, here and there, from anti-vaccine people. We are doing our best under the leadership of our Ministry of Health.”

Songül Serinyel, the nurse in charge of the ambulance, also explained that the mobile teams continued the vaccine application first in the villages and then in the neighborhoods in the city center, and stated that good developments were experienced thanks to the vaccine application by mobile and ambulance.

He was happy to be vaccinated at home

Mehmet Bozukluhan, who invited the health teams to his house due to his wife’s illness, also thanked the health teams who vaccinated his wife.

Songül Bozukluhan thanked the medical teams for their service and said, “I couldn’t do the vaccination because I was unwell. On the advice of my doctor, I also got vaccinated thanks to the medical teams who came to my house. I want everyone to be vaccinated.” said.

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