WorldChinese soldiers suffering from lack of confidence, Dragon forced to make drone-missile

Chinese soldiers suffering from lack of confidence, Dragon forced to make drone-missile

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Pla Soldiers Suffering From Lack Of Morale: Chinese soldiers are troubled by a severe lack of confidence. The biggest reason for this has become China’s ‘one child policy.’ This has been disclosed by the Communist Party of China itself.

The Chinese army, which is dreaming of establishing a kingdom over the world, is suffering from a severe lack of confidence. Not only this, the ruling Communist Party of China itself has accidentally exposed this great weakness of its army. The lack of confidence of Chinese soldiers was revealed during the PLA’s test of missiles in the desert. At the same time, China is constantly working on increasing the birth rate of its children and is also engaged in reducing the expenditure on their education.

According to the report of the Japanese newspaper Nikkei, the purpose of all these efforts of China is to increase the confidence of its soldiers and at the same time increase their military capability during the ongoing war. China has been very busy in the South China Sea for the past decade and is constantly building artificial islands and deploying missiles and radars there. The purpose of this move of China is to prevent foreign fighter jets and warships from entering that area.
Chinese army in preparation to deceive India again, 10 new airbases built near LAC
‘China doesn’t have enough confidence to defend its territory’
China has now also started deploying nuclear submarines that are capable of firing missiles from under the sea. These missiles are extremely dangerous and are the most effective weapon for a second strike in case of nuclear war. Even after these submarines, China is constantly building new missile silos in its desert area where missiles and nuclear weapons can be kept. Experts say that even though China has built so many weapons and artificial islands in the sea, but it does not have enough confidence that it will be able to defend its territory in case of conflict.

Earlier in the year 2018, the Chinese submarine entered the waters of Senkaku Island of Japan and was immediately captured by the Japanese army. He was forced to get out of the water immediately. He waved the Chinese flag so that Japan would not attack him. Many Japanese and US officials believe that this incident is proof that the confidence of Chinese soldiers is very weak.
navbharat timesChinese army raining bombs at night near Indian border, deployed lethal weapons
The reason for the lack of confidence of Chinese soldiers is ‘One Children Policy’
The Communist Party of China has been pouring money like water on the army for the past several years. This power of the Chinese army is visible only in missiles and tanks. At the same time, the confidence of his soldiers remains the same. The Chinese military may be building aircraft carriers, but a former Japanese Defense Ministry official says the PLA’s aircraft carriers will not leave their military port in the event of a war. They must have been afraid that they might get attacked and we might drown.

Many experts say that the reason for the lack of confidence of Chinese soldiers is China’s long-standing One Children Policy. With this, the Chinese army has become such an army in the world in which the only child of parents is the most. It is being told that the number of such soldiers is about 70 percent. In Chinese culture, it is very important for children to serve their parents and ancestors. In such a situation, parents do not want their children to die. Not only this, the respect of soldiers in China is also less. There it is said that respectable people do not become soldiers.

‘Japan, India have to make counter-strategy to deal with China’

To deal with this problem, China is now focusing more on unmanned aircraft ie drones and missiles. The number of missiles deployed by China is several thousand. China’s strategy is that if there is a conflict, first fire missiles on a large scale and then withdraw from the front of the war. It learned this strategy from the Soviet Union. The Chinese army is facing a shortage of troops and in view of this, the process of increasing missiles and drones can continue. According to experts, Japan, India and other countries will have to make an immediate counter-strategy to deal with this strategy of China. This includes deployment of state-of-the-art weapons, rail guns, energy weapons.


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