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Chinese dragon is going to build railway line and road till Lumbini in Nepal, India’s tension will increase


  • Chinese dragon is now going to build railway line and road till Lumbini in Nepal
  • China claims that Nepal’s land surrounded by this railway line will increase its connectivity with the world.
  • At the same time, for India, the Chinese road and railway line in Nepal is bound to become a matter of concern.

The Chinese dragon showing its eyes from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh is now going to build a railway line and road to Lumbini in Nepal. China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi himself has announced this. China claims that the connectivity of Nepal, surrounded by land on all sides, will increase with this railway line and road. At the same time, the Chinese road and railway line in Nepal is bound to become a matter of concern for India. That too when China is going to build a railway line in Myanmar to the Indian Ocean.

In an international conference on Nepal’s reconstruction held recently, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi appealed to Nepal to increase cooperation on its ambitious Belt and Road project. On Wednesday, Wang Yi said, “China will make concrete progress on the feasibility study of the cross-border railway project, improve the trans-Himalayan connectivity network, and help Nepal realize the land-connected dream of replacing the landlocked problem.” .’
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China going to build railways in Nepal with $8 billion
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi called on Nepal to increase cooperation in various subjects of the Belt and Road Project such as trade, investment, energy supply and climate change. In fact, Nepal is taking steps about this dream project of the Chinese President. The reason for this is that wherever China has started this project, a mountain of debt has arisen there. Pakistan, Sri Lanka, African countries are getting buried under Chinese debt.

According to the report of the South China Morning Post, China wants to build a cross-border railway from southern Tibet to Nepal’s capital Kathmandu with the help of $ 8 billion. It is believed that this will give wings to the economy of Nepal, which is the poorest country after North Korea. It is an important part of China’s Belt and Road strategy in South Asia. During the visit of the Chinese President to Nepal in the year 2019, 20 bilateral agreements were signed.

Is China making Himalayan quad against India?
The purpose of these agreements between Nepal and China is to develop the infrastructure between the two countries. Analysts believe that these agreements have been made targeting India. Madhav Nalpat, Professor, Manipal Advanced Research Group, says that while this railway line has strategic importance, its practical importance is very limited because the demand for trade on this route is very less. He said that the demand of passengers on this route is also very less.

Nalpat says, ‘Many people in India believe that the real purpose of this railway line is to rapidly push Chinese soldiers into the border of Nepal so that they can reach the border of India.’ Relations between India and China have reached the abyss since the Ladakh dispute. Lin Mingwang, deputy director of Fudan University, says, “There is a huge difference in the situation between India and China in South Asia. India’s hold in South Asian countries is much higher than that of China.

India has opposed the Nepal-China railway line

Lin said that increasing ties with China is Nepal’s dissatisfaction with India. Let us tell you that India has been opposing the railway line between Tibet and Kathmandu. India believes that China can use it to increase its influence in Nepal. For this reason, India wants to connect the rail route with Nepal fast. India is also worried that this railway line will cause a lot of damage to the Himalayas, which will cause a lot of problems to Nepal itself.

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China going to build railway line till Lumbini in Nepal