WorldChinese army fighter planes are infiltrating, claims President Xi Jinping, 'will make...

Chinese army fighter planes are infiltrating, claims President Xi Jinping, ‘will make Taiwan our own peacefully’

Chinese leader Xi Jinping said on Saturday that reunification with Taiwan would happen “definitely but peacefully”. However, earlier China had threatened to attack the island. “The unification of the nation must be realized and certainly will be done,” Xi said at Beijing’s Great Hall on the sidelines of an official celebration. Peaceful reunification is in the overall interest of the Chinese nation, including its Taiwanese compatriots.

The celebration was held in 1911 to mark the 110th anniversary of the Chinese Revolution, when the Qing dynasty was ousted from power and the Republic of China was established under the leadership of Sun Yat Sen. Wherein October 10 is celebrated as National Day in Taiwan. There is also a difference in the governance system of China and Taiwan. China has a one-party system of governance while Taiwan has a multi-party democracy.

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Xi’s remarks came after the Chinese military sent a large number of military planes to the territory of Taiwan. Taiwan called it a threat. Taiwan and China were separated in 1949 in the midst of a civil war when members of the ruling Nationalist Party fled to the island after the Communists (Communists) came to power over the main part of the country under the leadership of Mao Zedong.

Since then Taiwan has been self-government and China has refused to legitimize it. Xi said Taiwan’s separatism is the biggest obstacle to the nation’s reunification. Those who are advocating for freedom will be guilty in the eyes of history.


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