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China will have more than 630,000 infections per day if it fights Covid-19 like the US

On November 27, SCMP quoted the authors of this study as emphasizing: “The estimates show the real risk of an extremely large outbreak and will almost certainly make the health system unbearable.”

China currently implements the “Zero Covid-19” policy with the goal of not having any infections left.

This policy is largely based on mandatory mass testing every time a case is detected in a new area. In addition, China has closed its borders with most countries since March 2020.

Using August data from the US, UK, Israel, Spain and France, Peking University mathematicians examined the results if China adopted the same pandemic response strategy as in other countries. there.


They estimate that China will have more than 637,155 Covid-19 infections per day if it applies the same Covid-19 response strategy as the US, and this number will be 454,198 cases if it takes an approach like France.

“Our findings warn that at present, we are not ready for an ‘open’ strategy and rely solely on the vaccination hypothesis that has been supported by some Western countries. ,’ the researchers emphasized.

Peking University mathematicians say China needs to prepare specific treatments, more hospital beds, higher vaccine coverage and a number of other measures before it can safely transition. to an “open” strategy.

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