WorldChina: Sudden lockdown, business-bank workers are spending the night in the office

China: Sudden lockdown, business-bank workers are spending the night in the office

Own report: Covid is growing by leaps and bounds. So the lockdown is in the popular Shanghai of China. But ordinary people are reluctant to give in. So spending the night in the office or business place. According to local administration officials, more than 20,000 bankers, businessmen and other workers are spending the night at the office tower in Shanghai’s Luziajui district.

COVID-19 continues to struggle to sustain China’s huge financial center due to the lockdown. Brokerage, asset managers and financial exchanges in Lujiajui – north of China on Wall Street – called key staff to the office before Monday’s lockdown in Shanghai and began delivering sleeping bags and food to stay overnight.

Some are also shifting rotations twice and have launched disaster recovery centers in financial centers. Which processed 2,500 trillion yuan ($ 292 trillion) in financial transactions last year. Of the 20,000 people working in the 265 office towers in Pudong’s Luziajui Financial City, east of the Huangpu River, there are white-collar workers and some service workers. Some non-financial institutions also have homes, according to the district’s administrative bureau.

Shanghai is home to 26 million people. Covid began a lockdown Monday, dividing the city roughly along the Huangpu River to allow testing. Shanghai is China’s largest market for stocks, bonds, foreign exchange and derivatives trading.

Meanwhile, Haitong Securities Co. said Chairman Zhou Ji arranged emergency on-site duty shifts at his affiliates in Pudong on Sunday night and led more than 7,150 key employees to work in the offices starting Monday. The brokerage also said on its official website that it has introduced two-party rotation shifts between its two office areas.

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