WorldChina-Russia will 'capture' the entire world of espionage, Britain's intelligence chief warns

China-Russia will ‘capture’ the entire world of espionage, Britain’s intelligence chief warns


  • The head of Britain’s foreign intelligence agency MI 6, Richard Moore, has issued a serious warning on espionage
  • Richard Moore Says China and Russia Are Mastering Artificial Intelligence
  • He said that with this, both the countries can revolutionize geopolitics in the coming 10 years.

Richard Moore, the head of Britain’s foreign intelligence agency MI 6, has given a serious warning about the changes taking place in the world of espionage. Richard Moore said the way China and Russia are mastering artificial intelligence could revolutionize geopolitics in the coming 10 years. Moore is set to deliver his first speech on Tuesday since becoming the chief of MI6, and excerpts have already been released.

In his speech, Moore will speak about the dangers posed by quantum engineering, engineered biology, large-scale data generation and rapid changes in the computer world. “Our enemies are shelling out money to master artificial intelligence, quantum computing, synthetic biology, and they intend to do so,” said an already released excerpt from Moore’s speech. They (China and Russia) know that mastering these techniques can help them.
‘Russia-China intelligence agencies a cause for concern for liberal democracies’
Moore speaks very little and when he does, he gives his opinion about the current dangers. Moore’s statement comes at a time when spies around the world are mastering state-of-the-art techniques, challenging so far human espionage operations. Till now, espionage has been carried out in the world through spies for thousands of years.
Moore has been a diplomat and as of October 2020 was the chief of MI6. Moore said that as a society, we have not yet assessed the threat posed by this threat and its impact on global geopolitics. But it remains a matter of great focus for the Mi 6. The intelligence agencies of Russia and China are a matter of concern for the liberal democracies of the world.
China helping Pakistan to make missiles, nuclear bombs against India, America bannedChina can achieve sovereignty on emerging technologies
The intelligence agencies of both these countries are preparing themselves to capture the power of state-of-the-art technologies. Sometimes they are doing so faster than Western countries. The intelligence agencies of Western countries fear that China may dominate all the emerging major technologies especially Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, Genetics in the next coming decades.

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Britain’s intelligence agency MI6 chief warned