WorldChina provoked by Taiwan's show of power, exercised occupation in South China...

China provoked by Taiwan’s show of power, exercised occupation in South China Sea


  • China is furious to demonstrate power on Taiwan’s own National Day
  • Chinese Army PLA exercises occupation of Taiwan in South China Sea
  • Taiwan had a strong show of strength on its National Day on 10 October

China has been furious to show power on its National Day of Taiwan and has exercised control of the island in the South China Sea. The Chinese military said on Monday it had practiced landing PLA troops on shores off the mainland just off the Taiwan coast. China has done this exercise at a time when Taiwan had vigorously demonstrated and pyrotechnics on its National Day on October 10 and the situation between the two is very tense.

Taiwan has also sent its fighter jets near Taiwan’s airspace hundreds of times since October 1. The PLA’s official newspaper reported that the occupation exercise had recently been carried out in Fujian province, which lies directly opposite Taiwan. A narrow sea area separates Taiwan and China in the South China Sea. It said that the Chinese army practiced several times to capture the shores by attacking.
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China preparing to attack Taiwan from Fujian
The PLA did not provide further details about the exercise. Videos released by the PLA showed soldiers in small boats. During this, smoke emitting grenades were fired so that the opponents could not see them. Due to being very close to Taiwan, China is preparing to attack Taiwan from Fujian. Earlier, Taiwan had demonstrated power only after Chinese President Xi Jinping’s threat of occupation.

A grand military parade was organized in the capital Taipei on the occasion of Taiwanese National Day. Addressing this, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen also pledged to protect the country till his last breath. He said that the future of Taiwan will not be determined by China. The Taiwanese President said that we will do our best to prevent the political status quo from changing unilaterally. He said that we will continue to promote national defense and ensure that no one forces Taiwan to follow the path set by China. We will continue to demonstrate determination to defend ourselves. He also said that Taiwan wants to contribute to peaceful regional development, even as the situation in the Indo-Pacific has become more tense and complicated.


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