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China may send troops to the Solomon Islands, a deal has increased the tension of Australia, New Zealand, tension may increase in the Pacific Ocean

Wellington : The leaked document indicates that China may increase its military presence in the Solomon Islands. This development is going to alert Australia and other countries located in the neighbourhood. The Solomon Islands on Thursday revealed that it has signed a deal with China. But more worrying for Australia is a draft of a border security agreement that has been leaked online.

Under the terms of the draft agreement, China can send police, military personnel to the Solomon Islands to help maintain social order and for many other reasons. He may also send ships to the island for some time. “We will be concerned about any actions that destabilize our region,” Australia’s Foreign and Trade Department said in a statement without directly mentioning the contents of the draft agreement.

Australia’s neighboring Solomon Islands

New Zealand will express concern to China
The department said Australia and its neighbors had been able to send security aid without the need for external assistance after last year’s riots in the Solomon Islands capital, Honyara. “Pacific continent nations have the right to make sovereign decisions,” the department said. New Zealand said it plans to express its concerns about the document to both the Solomon Islands and China.

What did China say on the agreement?
Foreign Minister Nanaiah Mahuta said, “If this is true, then this agreement is going to cause great concern.” When asked about the agreement, China’s Foreign Ministry said that Solomon has carried out common law enforcement and security cooperation on the basis of equal treatment. Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said at a press conference on Friday, “This is in accordance with international law and international tradition, is harmonious and promotes peace and harmony in the region.” At the same time, it enhances the common interests of China and the Solomon Islands and is in the interest of all countries in the region.

China helped stop Solomon’s riots
Wang referred to the past cooperation with the Solomon Islands in dealing with the riots and maintaining stability, but did not directly mention the agreement. “It is irresponsible and uncooperative for the region that an Australian official exaggerated the alleged oppression of China and deliberately escalated tensions,” he said. However, it is not yet clear when the security agreement was finalized, when it was signed or when it will go into effect.
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Solomon breaks ties with Taiwan and befriends China
The Solomon Islands have a population of around 700,000. In 2019, he shifted his diplomatic allegiance from Taiwan to Beijing, which had been a cause of riots last year. Last month, the US announced plans to open an embassy in the Solomon Islands. A statement issued by the Solomon Islands government said that the agreement was signed by Wang Xiahong, China’s Acting Deputy Minister and Solomon Islands Police Minister Anthony Wake.