WorldChina caught between Moscow and Washington

China caught between Moscow and Washington

STORY – Beijing’s facade of neutrality in the conflict exposes it to American reprisals.

Correspondent in Asia

Drive a wedge into the covenant between the bear and the dragon. The United States has called on China to choose sides in the war in Ukraine, threatening it with retaliation if it dared to come to the aid of its ally Vladimir Putin. The Joe Biden Administration has warned the second world power against any attempt to circumvent Western sanctions against Russia, while the master of the Kremlin has sealed a “boundless friendshipwith President Xi Jinping, on the eve of launching his tanks against Ukraine. “We won’t let this go ahead“, warned Jake Sullivan, the American national security adviser, just before meeting Yang Jiechi, the most senior official of Chinese diplomacy, Monday in Rome, placing Beijing in the hot seat. “There will absolutely be consequences in the event of significant actions aimed at circumventing the sanctions“, assured the strategist of the White House a few hours before the meeting with his counterpart…

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