IndiaChief Minister Pithruthullyan, he may be reprimanded; The fight against Kunhalikutty...

Chief Minister Pithruthullyan, he may be reprimanded; The fight against Kunhalikutty will continue: KD Jalil


  • To date, not a single Nayapaisa scam has taken place
  • The fight against Kunhalikutty will continue
  • The Chief Minister is like a father to me

Malappuram: KD Jalil reacted after the Chief Minister’s stand rejecting the ED probe into the AR Nagar Co-operative Bank scam. KT Jalee said that the Chief Minister himself has the power to discipline and correct and the fight against Kunhalikutty will continue. KT Jalil’s response was recorded through a Facebook post.

‘There has never been a single Nayapaisa scam in my life. He has not been involved in a single rupee black money transaction. Even in the case of loans, nothing is given to anyone. There is no illicit savings of ten rupees anywhere in the world. Therefore, the fight against Kunhalikutty, who has criminalized the politics of the League, and his illicit money and hawala transactions and illegal acquisition of property will continue till his last breath.

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The Chief Minister is like a father to me. He can discipline, advise, and correct me. Pinarayi Vijayan has all the power and rights for that. Trolls and right-wing cyber fighters can make a donkey cry ‘- KT Jalil wrote on Facebook.

The Chief Minister was responding to a question from the media at a press conference after the Covid review meeting yesterday. KT Jalil was questioned by ED. The Chief Minister said that the co-operative sector in Kerala was not one of the areas to be dealt with by the ED.

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“In any case, the co-operative sector in Kerala is not an area that needs to be dealt with at all. Normally the state government is taking action. In the case of the bank he mentioned, the co-operation department has taken strong action.

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This is not a need to raise the question of whether KT Jalil wants the ED to investigate. It is not right to say so. The CM had said that there is a mechanism to investigate here. The CM had said that if a crime was committed, strong action would be taken as part of it.

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