IndiaCherian Philip comes and goes alone; He just changed his mind:...

Cherian Philip comes and goes alone; He just changed his mind: Vijayaraghavan


  • Cherian Philip came alone
  • He just changed his mind
  • Cherian was not a member of the party

Thiruvananthapuram: CPM state acting secretary A Vijayaraghavan has said that Cherian Philip has only changed his stand and it will not affect the Left or the party. Vijayaraghavan told a news conference that Cherian Philip was not a member of the party and was not in charge of the organization.

Cherian Philip comes and goes alone. He changed his position and that is all that has happened. Vijayaraghavan said that Cherian Philip was the only fellow traveler of the party.

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The CPM acting secretary reacted by saying that he had seen the news that Cherian Philip had gone to Congress. The CPI (M) has a large following. The CPI (M) is grateful for their work. Vijayaraghavan replied to a media query in Thiruvananthapuram that Cherian was not a leftist fellow traveler now.

Responding to Cherian Philip’s criticism of the CM’s office after the end of the Left alliance, Vijayaraghavan said the CM’s office was transparent. Ft. The allegation against the private secretary is yet to be answered. Cherian Philip is no longer a fellow traveler. So there is no answer to the allegations now. It is enough to see what is being said in Congress. He added that he did not know whether it was decided to give a Rajya Sabha seat.

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Ft. Private Secretary CM Raveendran had said that he was playing super CM and that it was Raveendran who had made Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan the worst, after Cherian Philip made it clear that he would work with the Congress.

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