Chelsea player Tiago Silva stopped the goal in a brilliant way, everyone...

Chelsea player Tiago Silva stopped the goal in a brilliant way, everyone started praising after watching the video

Everyone on social media is praising Tiago Silva fiercely.

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In a match of the UEFA Champions League, Chelsea defeated Juventus 4-0 in a one-sided fashion. Generally, the player who scores the goal in any match is more appreciated. But in this match, Chelsea defender Tiago Silva showed such an amazing defense that everyone kept watching. Silva made a stunning defense in the 28th minute of the match to stop Juventus from equalizing in the first half.

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Due to this excellent defense, Silva is becoming viral on social media. Alam is that people are praising his defense skills by sharing his photos and videos. This defense kick is now making a lot of headlines on social media as well. After seeing Silva’s defense, a user wrote that we always talk about the best goal. But this defense of Silva is certainly amazing.

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Chelsea Football Club has shared the picture of this defense kick on Twitter. Chelsea took a 1-0 lead over Juventus in the 25th minute of the match. After a while, Juventus showed a great game. Striker Alviro Morata fired a shot over the goalkeeper inside D, which was well defended by Chelsea’s Thiago Silva near the goalline. During this he was completely stretched in the air.

Four different players scored goals in this match for Chelsea. Due to which Chelsea managed to defeat Juventus easily. But the most focused scene in the match was when Silva showed amazing skills and made a brilliant defense. This is the reason why the video of his defense is becoming increasingly popular in the internet world.