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Charanjit Singh Channi: ‘I will present my neck if the farmers are hit’…After taking oath, Punjab CM Channi made big announcements


  • Charanjit Singh Channi became the Chief Minister of Punjab
  • Got emotional while talking to reporters
  • Said, I am the leader of the poor and farmers, the father drove the rickshaw and I too
  • Announced as soon as CM is made, farmers’ electricity bill will be waived
  • Announcement to reconnect the connections of farmers disconnected due to arrears

Punjab’s new CM Charanjit Singh Channi has taken oath as the Chief Minister. During this, Punjab Congress in-charge Harish Rawat and Punjab Congress President Navjot Singh Sidhu were also present. After taking oath, he spoke to reporters. During this, he became emotional many times and also made many announcements for the farmers.

Channi started the press conference by referring to Gurbani and Guru Gobind Singh. He said getting emotional, Congress has made that common man who did not have a roof in his house. He said that Rahul Gandhi is standing with the poor people. Rahul Gandhi always talks about the poor.

‘Representative of the poor and farmers’
CM said that today Congress has made a modest man as CM. I represent the poor. Thank you Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and the entire party. I thank Congress. He said that I am the representative of those people who are ordinary farmers. Those who want betterment of Punjab join me.

‘Father used to drive rickshaw, I also drove’
Channi said, ‘My father has driven a rickshaw. I myself have driven a rickshaw. I am the representative of rickshaw pullers. I am the representative of the common people. Businessman stay away from me. I will lead the common man. If agriculture sinks, India will drown. If there is a farmer then only the customer comes to the farmer. The Punjab government stands with the farmers and is ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of the farmers.

‘I will not let the heat come on the farmers’
The new CM of Punjab said that he has to move ahead with the expectations of the people of Punjab. Punjab is a farming-dominated state, if there is any problem on agriculture, I will slit my throat.

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Demand to abolish agriculture law from the center
Regarding agricultural laws, the new CM of Punjab said that if the farmer drowns, Punjab will drown, the country will drown. Farmers will be happy only then Punjab will be happy. If the farmer ends, the laborer will end, the poor will end. He said that he has demanded from the central government that the black agricultural laws should be withdrawn. He said that whatever has to be done for the interest of the farmers. We support farmers in every way.

Bill will be waived, farmers will get disconnected connections
Big announcements were made while speaking on the issue of electricity. He said that the electricity of the farmers should be waived. Announced that the electricity bills of farmers will be waived. If someone’s meter has been disconnected due to payment of arrears, then the connection will be added again after waiving the payment.

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‘I join hands in front of employees, end the strike’
The CM said that he has been given 18 issues. He will solve all the issues in this tenure. He said nothing would go wrong. Won’t be wrong with anyone. He said, ‘I fold my hands in front of the employees that give some time, I will solve all the issues. With folded hands, I appeal to end all strikes. Will not take much time, just give some time.

Charanjit Singh Channi: ‘I will present my neck if the farmers are hit’…After taking oath, Punjab CM Channi made big announcements


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