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Chakra loses those who had hoped against Pinarayi to the abyss of despair; KD Jaleel praises Muthukoya themselves


  • KD Jaleel praises Muthukoya themselves
  • Chakra disappointed those who had hoped against Pinarayi
  • Thoughtful feedback is very important

Malappuram: KT Jalil MLA praised the responses made by Samastha President Geoffrey Muthukoya at a press conference regarding narcotics jihad. Jaleel’s response was in a Facebook post saying that those who expected Chakra against Pinarayi were in the abyss. The former minister said that Geoffrey’s measured words prove that they are in every sense worthy of being a member of the Samastha Pandit Sabha.

Syed Jifri Muthukoya watched their entire press conference. I was literally amazed by his response to the questions of the press. Geoffrey’s measured words prove that they are in every sense worthy of being a member of the Samastha. The Samastha president was disappointed by those who expected a response that would further pollute the atmosphere. KT Jalil said.

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He spoke in full confidence of the Chief Minister and expressed his dissatisfaction with a statement made by the Co-operation Minister. The KPCC president and others may have turned a blind eye to the question of whether the government should take the initiative in resolving any issues between different religious communities. His answer to the classic question was that it was not the government that intervened in previous disputes between different religious sects. The response of the community leaders to the events leading up to the demolition of the Babri Masjid and the Thalikshetra controversy without any government intervention will not be forgotten in the near future.

Geoffrey’s view that the views of extremist-minded minorities in the Muslim community should not be taken at the expense of the community as a whole is relevant. KT Jalil said that his statement that nowhere in the Qur’an does it say that it is the duty of a believer to convert a non-Muslim to Islam will help to dispel many misconceptions.

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Geoffrey’s reminder that religious scholars should strive to express ideas without hurting or hurting fellow believers should be heeded by all. Significantly, his deliberate view that Islam has not entrusted anyone with the task of converting people to Islam through love or intoxication and that they are religiously forbidden.

His observation that romantic marriages should not be included in the accounts of any religion would put an end to many misconceptions. Not to be overlooked is his warning between the lines that extremist-minded people should infiltrate and beware of declarations made in the form of public opinion of the Muslim community. That ironic assessment reveals the identity of the religious nationalists lurking in our social environment.

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Geoffrey silenced the questioner with his response to the question of whether the CPM’s position on defending those who plan to attract a new generation to extremist thinking is not aimed at Muslims. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture. KT Jalil says that when the same question was repeated again, they said to read the sentence one more time and check if it contained the words “Muslim” or “Jihad”.

Syed Jifri Muthukoya ended the press conference by dropping those who had hoped for Chakara against Pinarayi and the LDF government with their tongues in the abyss of despair. Jalil concludes his Facebook post by saying that if the league leaders go to Geoffrey and attend a training program, no one seems to have any doubts about the future press conference.

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