WorldChad: the residence of the opponent Succès Masra raided

Chad: the residence of the opponent Succès Masra raided

AA / Peter Kum

The residence of the Chadian opponent, Succès Masra, president of the Les Transformateurs party, was raided on Sunday by the police “under the mandate of the Public Prosecutor’s Office near the N’Djamena District Court”, the management announced. general of the national police.

“The objective is to simply remove the floating flag, deemed contrary to the texts of the Republic”, according to the national police.

The Chadian police specified that it is “strictly forbidden to fly the national flag, symbol of the State, in a private home. The tricolor can only be floated in front of Public Institutions ”.

In a tweet on Sunday morning, the Chadian opponent also indicated that there was also “a forced search of the headquarters of the transformers” where he was with part of the team from his party.

On Saturday, the coalition of opposition political parties and civil society, Wakit Tama, organized a demonstration to protest against the management of the country by the authorities of the transition in Chad.

This new march was prohibited, the authorities evoking “risks of disturbing public order” and “a late filing of the request for authorization” with regard to the last march of October 2.

Mixed security forces have been deployed since October 7 to all roundabouts in the capital and the Internet connection and SMS cut off at dawn on Saturday.

Despite the government ban, demonstrators took to the streets on Saturday especially in the Chadian capital.

The demonstration was dispersed by the police. One of Wakit Tama’s spokespersons, rapper Ray’s Kim, said at least ten protesters were injured by tear gas canisters and several others arrested.

On Saturday evening, the Chadian government announced in a statement that the demonstration “did not finally mobilize people” while congratulating “the maturity of Chadians who are no longer ready to follow the mistakes of a few people or organizations, demonstrating by the on the same occasion their attachment to the preservation of social peace ”.

In its statement, the Chadian government called on the initiators of these demonstrations to join the process of dialogue.

Because according to him, “such acts do not serve to promote the peaceful transition advocated by the transitional authorities, nor their own authors”.

Since October 2, the Wakit Tama coalition has called on Chadians to demonstrate to demand the revision of the transitional charter and the dissolution of the National Transitional Council, namely, the provisional Parliament appointed by the head of state.

It also requires the fulfillment of its conditions to take part in the political dialogue.

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