WorldChad calls for "international mobilization" to finance its transition

Chad calls for “international mobilization” to finance its transition

AA / Peter Kum

The president of the Transitional Military Council of Chad, General Mahamat Idriss Deby, on Thursday called for international mobilization to implement his transition roadmap.

“The implementation of this Roadmap, the cost of which is estimated at nearly $ 1.3 billion, is beyond the reach of Chad on its own and requires substantial support from our partners, through urgent mobilization of financial resources ”, pleaded Thursday, General Deby in his speech on the occasion of the 76th General Assembly of the United Nations.

The Chadian president mentioned, in particular, the security, economic, financial and health difficulties that the transitional government has been facing since last April.

“Chad calls for strong support from the international community,” added the President of Chad, stressing that “all the necessary arrangements have been made for the holding of an inclusive national dialogue”, a key element which should lead to the elections which will go on. end the 18-month transition.

In Chad, the transition roadmap was adopted at the end of July. It provides, in particular, for the holding of an inclusive national dialogue between November and December 2021.

The calendar also provides for the holding of elections between June and September 2022, the deadline for the transition which began on April 20 after the death of President Idriss Deby Itno.

The third strategic axis of this roadmap is the strengthening of security and defense which, according to the authorities of Chad, “fall under the ordinary and continuous activities of the State but essential for those linked to the transition”, had specified the government.

The actions provided for in the roadmap will cost the transitional government nearly $ 1.3 billion, an envelope which is “to be sought from the state budget and / or from partners”.

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