IndiaCentral move to create vaccine crisis; Vijayaraghavan says UDF and BJP...

Central move to create vaccine crisis; Vijayaraghavan says UDF and BJP are undermining Kovid defense


  • 20% received two doses of the vaccine
  • 38% of people received the single dose
  • Due to the scarcity of the vaccine, more can not be given

Thiruvananthapuram: A. Vijayaraghavan said that the central move to create a vaccine crisis is highly reprehensible as Kerala is moving ahead with exemplary measures in the prevention of Covid. Immediate action should be taken to provide the required number of vaccines to Kerala. A Vijayaraghavan, who is also the CPM state secretary, said that the state was showing more zeal in the distribution of vaccines than other states.

Vijayaraghavan pointed out that the vaccine was distributed by the state without wasting a single drop. Despite the fact that the Union Ministry of Health is aware of this, it is taking a negative stance in allowing the vaccine. This cover-up should end immediately. In Kerala, 20% of people received two doses of the vaccine. Nationally, it is only 7.5%. The proportion of people who receive a single dose of the vaccine is 38%, compared to 28% nationally. Vijayaraghavan said in a Facebook post.

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Vijayaraghavan also claimed that the Covid test system in the state was in good condition. “The mortality rate here is lower than other states. If the mortality rate is 0.5% here, it is 1.3% in the country. On an average, 1.5 lakh Covid tests are carried out.

The population of Kerala is 3.51 crore. So far 1,31,21,707 people have been given the first dose and 56,82,627 people the second dose. Most people are unable to get the vaccine because of severe shortages.

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The CPM leader alleged that the UDF and the BJP were undermining the anti-Covid resistance in the state by vaccinating everyone and providing better health care. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan had directly requested the Prime Minister to provide 90 lakh doses of the vaccine. The central team arrived here in July and asked for 60 lakh doses of the health department but was not given. He further added that the fact is that the Covid movement is spreading propaganda to make it a defensive layer.

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