SportsCelta hits an injured Getafe

Celta hits an injured Getafe

Quique Sánchez Flores slipped several messages at the beginning of his third stage at the Coliseum. He warned about a match against Celta which he classified as a final. And he warned about a value to win it, that of order. He applied that method in a line-up in which he brought together five midfielders. Arambarri, Florentino, Timor, Maksimović and Aleñá got together to form a wall, orderly, yes. Without having won a game, with just two points and two goals to their credit, Getafe wanted to resume their sources. He got ready to get together and felt strong in a game where few things happened, a bad thing when you add 2 points out of 30 possible. Until everything was blown up, Celta thrashed to take the points (0-3) and the stands started a riot against everyone and everything.


David Soria, Jorge Cuenca, Mathías Olivera, Damián Suárez, Djene, Aleñá (Mitrovic, min. 66), Florentino, Timor (Darío Poveda, min. 59), Arambarri, Sandro (Enes Unal, min. 45) and Maksimovic



Matías Dituro, Hugo Mallo, Javi Galán, Joseph Aidoo (Néstor Araújo, min. 66), Murillo, Brais, Fran Beltrán, Nolito (Thiago Galhardo, min. 70), Denis Suárez (Okay Yokuslu, min. 79), Santi Mina (Hugo Álvarez, min. 79) and Aspas (Franco Cervi, min. 71)

Goals 0-1 min. 54: Santi Mina. 0-2 min. 57: Blades. 0-3 min. 72: Santi Mina.

Referee Juan Martinez Munuera

Yellow cards Joseph Aidoo (min. 41), Damián Suárez (min. 79), Mathías Olivera (min. 79) and Murillo (min. 82)

Red cards Djene (min. 62) and Chema (min. 80)

The balanced harmony of Getafe went down the drain when he tried to take a step forward and handle the ball more than he had done in a first half in which he barely lost his footing on one occasion, just when he uncovered in a corner and the Celta left him in a chopped ball with a counter in which Nolito did not define well against David Soria.

The break perhaps encouraged Getafe, who came out with a slightly bolder pattern. Until Timor found a vertical pass lane, he tied the ball in a knot and sought relief in a center-back. What he did was give Aspas a pass into space, which he finished off with the malice of the great forwards. Soria cleared as best it could, but the storm had already broken loose. In ten minutes, Getafe conceded two goals and lost, sent off, Djene, their defensive leader. Then he just left the game. And there it continues, in the queue and without a glimpse of a solution that goes through something other than not getting messy.

That stop from Soria to Aspas was the prelude to the oldest corner in the world, the one played at the first post and finished off at the second. Brais Méndez went ahead of everyone to enable Santi Mina. Celta screamed the goal as expected by a team in crisis of results, surely more than game. Three minutes later Aspas scored the second after another service from Brais Méndez and when Getafe was feeling it, they found Djene’s expulsion, one of those red cards that have come with video refereeing, but that have little to do with the spirit of the game. soccer.

Getafe is not there for excuses. He lost because he was not daring to begin with against a rival who handles dynamite in attack. Always cautious, he did not squeeze the warm back of Celta, who prevailed and rounded the score with another goal from Santi Mina after Galhardo’s genius with his heel.

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