WorldCEC of Moldova calls parliamentary elections valid

CEC of Moldova calls parliamentary elections valid

The voter turnout at the early parliamentary elections held on Sunday in Moldova has now exceeded 33.3 percent, which makes it possible to recognize the elections as valid. This was reported to TASS on Sunday by the press secretary of the Central Election Commission (CEC) of the republic, Rodica Sirbu.

“More than a third of voters took part in the elections, they can be considered valid,” she said.

According to preliminary data on the CEC website, turnout reached 33.3 percent at 15:32.

In the previous parliamentary elections in 2019, turnout had already reached 36 percent by 3 p.m.

Early parliamentary elections in Moldova

Early parliamentary elections are held in Moldova on Sunday, July 11. Polling stations opened at 07:00 local time and will work until 21:00.

According to the Central Election Commission of Moldova, the number of citizens with the right to vote is 3 million 282 thousand. The right to vote can be exercised at 2,150 polling stations, 150 of which are open in the diplomatic missions of Moldova in 36 countries of the world, and 41 – in Transnistria, which announced a unilateral the order of independence from Chisinau.

According to the Electoral Code, elections are considered valid if at least one third of voters vote in them.

Early parliamentary elections in Moldova were called after a political crisis erupted in the country.

President Maia Sandu, upon taking office, forced the resignation of the government and blocked the appointment of a new cabinet, which provoked the dissolution of parliament.

20 parties, 2 electoral blocs – “Communists and Socialists” and businessman Renato Usatii, as well as one independent candidate are participating in the electoral race.

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