IndiaCBI ED Ordinance News: Ordinance to extend tenure of CBI-ED directors, Congress...

CBI ED Ordinance News: Ordinance to extend tenure of CBI-ED directors, Congress reaches Supreme Court


  • Ordinance for extension of tenure of CBI-ED directors in controversy
  • Congress bid – Aadhaar is not clear, independence of agencies will be affected
  • Congress reaches Supreme Court, seeking interim relief

New Delhi
The Congress has reached the Supreme Court challenging the ordinances to extend the tenure of the directors of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Enforcement Directorate (ED). Sources said that Congress General Secretary Randeep Surjewala has filed a petition in the apex court.

what is in the petition
Surjewala has said in his petition, ‘No basis has been given for the vague reference to ‘public interest’ in the context of the Ordinances. Basically it is based on the satisfaction of the respondents. This would clearly have an adverse impact on the independence of the investigating agencies concerned.
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Surjewala also alleged that such extension of service temporarily and for a short period reaffirms the executive’s control over the investigating agencies and is also contrary to the independent functioning of the agencies.

Every service extension will depend on complacency
The Congress leader said that the directors of CBI and ED have a fixed tenure of two years, but now one year extension can be given and it will not be a lump sum tenure of five years. He also said, ‘This will mean that every extension of service will depend on the discretion and complacency of the appointing authority.’

Central government extended the tenure of CBI, ED directors, Congress said – misuse of agencies
SC seeks interim relief
The Congress chief spokesperson sought interim relief from the apex court and alleged that these ordinances are also in violation of court orders issued from time to time to ensure the independence of such institutions and also expose the blatant abuse of power. Huh.

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The government last Sunday issued two ordinances that said the tenure of ED and CBI directors can now be extended to three years after the mandatory two-year term. Days after bringing these ordinances, the government on Wednesday extended the tenure of ED Director Sanjay Kumar Mishra till November 18, 2022.