WorldCavusoglu: Turkey will continue to support Sudan

Cavusoglu: Turkey will continue to support Sudan

AA / Ankara / Behlul Cetinkaya

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Sunday that Turkey will maintain its support for Sudan.

This is what emerges from a tweet posted on his Twitter account after a meeting with his Sudanese counterpart, Maryam Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi, in the Serbian capital, Belgrade.

“We started our visit to Belgrade by assessing our multidimensional relationship with my sister, Maryam Al-Sadiq, Sudanese Foreign Minister,” Cavusoglu wrote in her tweet.

And the Turkish minister added: “We will continue to support Sudan.”

Cavusoglu is visiting Belgrade to participate in the summit of the Non-Aligned Movement on October 11 and 12.

Representatives of more than 100 countries will take part in this summit, which will again be hosted by Belgrade 60 years after that of 1961, organized during the time of Yugoslavia.

The Non-Aligned Movement was founded in 1961 by countries that did not want to ally with the United States or the Soviet Union during the Cold War, and today has 120 members.

The last summit of the Non-Aligned Movement was held in Baku, Azerbaijan, in 2019.

* Translated from Arabic by Mourad Belhaj

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