WorldCavity in Milky Way: A 'giant bubble' found near the hands of...

Cavity in Milky Way: A ‘giant bubble’ found near the hands of the earth!

Own report: There is no end to the mysteries of the universe. There is no end to the efforts of human beings. A cosmic object has recently been discovered within the reach of the earth.

The Milky Way galaxy is the address of mankind in the universe. Which is 600 light-years from Earth (the distance that can be covered in a year at the speed of light). This cosmic object was discovered there. It is better to call it a new world. Astronomers at the Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics at Harvard University in the United States first discovered the mysteries of the universe. The research paper has been published in the ‘Astrophysical Journal Letters’.

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Samuel Bayali, one of the researchers in the project, said the new molecule is in the middle of a cluster of frozen gas molecules of the constellations Taurus and Perseus. Pictures of it have also been found. This new world has been named ‘Per-Tau Shell’. It’s like a sphere. It’s like a giant bubble in space.

Bayali added that the constellations Taurus and Perseus are beyond the scope of that giant world. There are countless stars in the middle of them, and countless more stars are being formed. This world has been like this for 10 million years or more.

The researchers said that this per-tow shell could be formed from the terrifying explosion (supernova) that occurs when a large star dies. The explosion may have occurred 10 million years ago or more. This caused a lot of pressure. That pressure pushes the cloud of dense gas out of its area. The constellations Taurus and Perseus were born from that cloud. And this new country remains among them. Or it could be that many ordinary supernovae exploded in succession without becoming a powerful supernova.

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