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Catla Fish News: 18 kg giant catla fish caught in Padma river of Bangladesh, sold for record money

A fisherman from Bangladesh has created a record by catching a giant catla fish from the Padma river. The total weight of this fish is being told 18.2 kg. This giant Catla fish was sold in a market in Pabna for around Taka 25,000 (Rs 21,597). The fisherman has set a record by earning Rs 21,597 from a single catla fish.

Fish caught at Golanda’s Ferry Ghat
According to the Dhaka Times report, fisherman Gurudev Haldar caught 18.2 kg of catla fish from Padma river at Daulatdia Ferry Ghat in Golanda Upja in the early hours of Saturday. It is the largest Catla fish ever caught from the Padma River. The fisherman told that he had gone out with a boat to catch fish in the early morning with his companions as usual.

Sold at the rate of 1400 Taka per kg
Gurudev Haldar told that after catching such a big fish, he could not believe his luck. The fisherman and his companions hurriedly took such a large fish for auction to the local fish market adjacent to Daulatdia Ghat. Where local fish trader Mohammad Chandu Molla bought this fish at the rate of Taka 1,400 per kg for a total of 25,480 Taka.

Fishermen’s silver due to weak monsoon
After buying this fish, Chandu Molla said that he will sell this fish to retail customers at a price of 1500 Taka. Regarding the condition of Padma river and availability of fish, Chandu said that due to weakening of monsoon the water of the river has started receding, and many fishes like Katla, Rui, Boal, Panga are now being caught in large numbers.

The arrival of fish is expected to increase further
Chandu said that fishermen of Manikganj and Pabna districts are catching large number of fish every day. They are also earning good money from this. Mohamed Rejoul Sharif, a fish officer in Goa, said that the bigger fish are now expected to be caught in the net as the water in the padma recedes.


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