IndiaCase of Queen Elizabeth's Sexual Abuse: Court removes privileges

Case of Queen Elizabeth’s Sexual Abuse: Court removes privileges


  • Alleged sexual harassment of a woman.
  • The royal status of Prince Andrew was removed.
  • The order was issued by Queen Elizabeth.

London: Prince Andrew, the son of Queen Elizabeth II, has been stripped of his royal title by Buckingham Palace. The BBC reports that an order issued by Queen Elizabeth II states that Andrew’s royal and military ranks have been removed.

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The British royal family has taken a tough decision after a court ruled that Andrew, 61, was facing trial in a sexual assault case in the United States. The order states that Andrew will not currently hold any title in the name of the palace and will face trial proceedings as a normal person.

A statement from the palace said that Andrew’s regained royal and military status with the consent and knowledge of Queen Elizabeth II. Sources close to Andrew said the allegations of sexual harassment would be dealt with legally. Buckingham Palace announced that the Duke of New York had revoked all military and royal rights with the Queen’s consent.

The court ruled against Andrew, Queen Elizabeth’s second son, following a revelation made by a woman named Virgia. The American billionaire, who was imprisoned in Arrestela on a sexual assault charge and died while in prison, has been extradited as a prince at the behest of Jeffrey Epsyton. Virginia revealed that she had this experience when she was seventeen.

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The British police had examined the details of the relationship between Jeffrey Epsighton and Prince Andrew. The police said that no action was required on the complaint. However, the prince suffered a setback when a civil case was filed by Virginia. Andrew’s appeal against the Virginia case was rejected by the court. The court granted Virginia permission to proceed with the case.