SportsCarlsen's depth at age 20

Carlsen’s depth at age 20

No chess expert in 2011 doubted that Norway’s Magnus Carlsen was a strong candidate for the world throne sooner rather than later. Few in history had made such an impression from their teens to their 20s. He exhibited an apparent facility to understand very deep subtleties, a virtue that usually defines geniuses.

That general astonishment and admiration were even greater at the end of that 2011, because it was a triumphant year for the Norwegian, two before the conquest of the title against the Indian Viswanathan Anand. But Carlsen has already shone a lot in the tournament that he inaugurates every season in the elite, the one in Wijk aan Zee (Netherlands), the Roland Garros of chess. There he created the work of art glossed in this video, opposite another young star, the American Hikaru Nakamura. Carlsen combines beauty and precision with stunning depth.

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