IndiaCar smashes policeman during vehicle inspection: Video

Car smashes policeman during vehicle inspection: Video


  • The car hit the policeman
  • Incident during vehicle inspection
  • Injured ASI in Patiala

Patiala: A car driver hit a policeman during a vehicle inspection. The shocking incident took place in Patiala district of Punjab. The driver of the car hit the policeman and proceeded to escape the vehicle inspection. Footage of the incident captured on camera has already gone viral.

Police have stepped up vehicle inspections in Patiala on the occasion of the 75th Independence Day. Meanwhile, a shocking incident took place. The policeman signaled to stop the speeding car but the driver was not ready for it and drove away.

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The police officer who asked him to stop the vehicle was knocked down and the car went ahead. It is clear from the footage that the speeding car hit the policeman and he fell to the ground. Police have announced an investigation into the incident. Police said an investigation based on the car number was in progress and efforts to locate the driver were intensified.

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The ASI of Patiala police was injured when the car collided with a vehicle. Several similar incidents have been reported in the past. In May last year, a young policeman in Jalandhar was hit by a car bonnet and fled. The incident took place during a vehicle inspection imposed by Covid controls.


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