India'Cancer will overtake me one day', frankly BBC presenter; George says...

‘Cancer will overtake me one day’, frankly BBC presenter; George says he is satisfied with life


  • George said the disease would be overcome in a day
  • Frankly, the BBC presenter
  • I am satisfied with life

London: “I do not think I can overcome this. I still have cancer. It is growing very slowly.” Says BBC presenter and world-renowned journalist George Alagaya. George has been battling cancer for the past eight years. But George says there is only happiness and contentment in life. He added that in the end, the cancer is likely to overcome itself.

George Alagaya, 66, has been out of action for several months following a bout of illness. In 2014, he was diagnosed with cancer. Bowel cancer later spreads to the lungs, liver and nervous system. He announced last October that he was temporarily out of work as part of treatment. Covid was also confirmed to George Alagaya last year. Speaking on the podcast of Creed Oliver, a prominent journalist, George spoke eloquently about his illness and life.

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“My doctor comes to me again and again with a cart full of drugs. If you ask me what’s the cause of this, the cancer is overwhelming me anyway.” George Alagaya, who was first diagnosed with cancer in 2014, was diagnosed again in 2017. “Maybe this will overwhelm me one day. I hope it takes a few more days. But I’m very lucky.” The British media Guardian reported that George said.

George Alagaya said he never wanted to get cancer but the years he had been suffering from cancer did not seem like a waste. It taught me a lot. Illness taught me what is important in life. I wondered if it could be considered a failure if life ended now.

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“Actually when I look back on life, the family I got, the opportunities my family got, the time I’m met my girlfriend and wife, Frances Robathan, the kids we raised. It doesn’t seem like a failure to me.” Said George Alagaya.

Born in Sri Lanka and educated in Ghana and the UK, George Alagaya joined the BBC in 1989. George’s entry as a BBC presenter comes after his notable performances as an Special Correspondent in Africa, including reporting on the Rwandan genocide, and interviewing Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela.

George Alagaya also had the answer to the question of what is the message to be given in life. “I think we have to keep asking this question – what can we do together? I ‘ve spent a lot of time in Africa. They use a word in South Africa – Ubuntu. It means that if I want to be human, I have to be able to recognize your inner humanity.”

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