IndiaCan I still go out without a mask? Thus the truth,...

Can I still go out without a mask? Thus the truth, the center of the explanation

New Delhi: The Union Health Ministry has said it has not decided to remove the mask introduced as part of the Covid-19 preventive measures. Continue to wear the mask against Covid. The center said the standards, including hand disinfection, must continue to be met. The explanation was given by the Union Ministry of Health following the spread of false news regarding the use of the mask.

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The Center said on Twitter that hand hygiene should be maintained along with wearing a mask. Some media outlets reported that Covid had relaxed protocols, including wearing a mask. The Union Ministry of Health said the information was incorrect.

The Ministry of Health has recently issued a directive to continue wearing the mask. But the Center has directed the states to stop filing cases under the Disaster Prevention Act for non-compliance with the Covid rules. According to this, even if the mask is not worn, if the group gathers, no case will be registered under the Disaster Prevention Act. But the center has now explained that this does not mean that the mask should no longer be worn. The center’s explanation is that the standards adopted against Covid, including social distance, isolation and hand disinfection, should still be followed.

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As per the new directions of the Central Government, the states including Kerala will issue a revised order clarifying the Covid rules. The Interior Ministry has told states that it will end proceedings under the Covid Defense Disaster Prevention Act of 2005, and reports have emerged that proceedings, including the case, will be avoided if the mask is not worn.

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