IndiaCan I still go out without a mask? Possibilities Thus, controls...

Can I still go out without a mask? Possibilities Thus, controls may change

Thiruvananthapuram: With the daily decrease in Covid-19 cases in the state, it is reported that the government is planning to make changes in Covid controls. Manorama reported that the government had sought the views of members of the expert committee set up for Covid prevention activities and other health experts in this regard.

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With the decline in Covid cases, there is more discussion about avoiding masks. The government is considering removing the mask as the number of Covid cases decreases. However, the panel of experts said that there was no problem in removing the mask. The expert committee informed the government that those who are interested can wear the mask and those who show symptoms should continue to wear the mask when they come out.

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The panel members said there were plans to relax the cost of wearing the mask in places where Covid cases are high, shops, weddings and festivals.

There is also a general suggestion that the mask should be removed step by step. The main suggestion is to remove the requirement to wear the mask even inside the house. The mask can be worn while traveling in a vehicle and among regular participants. Experts are of the opinion that concessions in public places should be phased out. Although there has been a decline in Covid cases, there is currently no need to allow concessions on matters including masks and the situation needs to be assessed for another month.

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Despite the concessions, the suggestion that masks should be worn in hospitals, railway stations and airports is likely to continue. According to figures released by the Department of Health on Tuesday, Covid confirmed that 8064 people are still in treatment. 64,47,255 have so far been freed from Covid. There are currently 24,100 people under surveillance in various districts. Of these, 23,272 are under home / institutional quarantine and 828 in hospitals. A total of 124 people were newly admitted to the hospital. The total death toll in the state was 66,958.

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