IndiaCan a DNA result be negative?

Can a DNA result be negative?

The 18-year-old arrested in the Poxo case has been released on bail after his DNA test was negative. The allegations stemmed from allegations that an innocent man was caught in a forgery case and the girl was charged in a pox case.

Srinath is now in front of us. The test process was expedited. ” This is what Dr Shimna Aziz wrote on Facebook in support of Srinath.

There are those who question how many people like Srinath may have been unjustly arrested. They also say that the Pox Act is being used to trap the innocent. But the fact is that the accused is not acquitted just because he has been granted bail. Srinath still has to go through the law to prove his innocence. Srinath is the accused in the case till the court acquits him. The minor girl said that Srinath had sexually abused her. The current discussions on social media will cast doubt on the victims of the Poxo case. The tone of the current discussion is that the girl has been wronged.

“It is not possible at this time to conclude that the culprit was not guilty simply because the DNA result was negative. The test results can only infer that the cause of the pregnancy was someone else. Justice Krishna Iyer’s motto on bail is that bail is a rule and jail is the exception. Denial: Sexual abuse of children in the country will not be ruled out by the negative effects of DNA on this one incident, and children who are still terrified of their perpetrators Rum will see. ” Says Aisha P Jamal, Special Public Prosecutor at Manjeri Poxo Court.

Advocate Aisha said the DNA test was expedited not at the request of the accused but at the request of the investigating officer. “Normally, as a natural and compelling step in all such cases, the investigating officer arrests the accused and sends the blood samples for DNA testing. During the interrogation of the accused, the accused denies the allegations and insists that he did not harm the girl. The same thing happened in 35 days. ” Says Aisha.

Police say Srinath was not acquitted as the DNA result was negative. It has now been proven that Srinath is not responsible for the pregnancy. Srinath is still the accused as the girl has a statement that she was tortured. Srinath was not at fault for his arrest. According to police, the girl had only mentioned Srinath’s name in her confidential statement to the magistrate. Police are trying to find out the names of others behind the torture by giving counseling to the girl.

Previous pox cases or victims’ experiences are not canceled by Srinath’s negative DNA certificate. Let the court say whether Srinath is guilty or not. There is a fear of seeing the hunter in the eyes of the victims. Don’t let their experiences ruin the leak on the pox case.


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