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Cameroon Nightclub Fire: Fire breaks out in Cameroon’s nightclub, 16 people burnt alive, many injured in critical condition


  • 16 killed in fire at nightclub in Cameroonian capital Yaounde
  • Cause of fire is not known, badly scorched bodies found
  • Thousands of fans have arrived in Cameroon to watch African Union football

younde: At least 16 people have been reported dead after a fire broke out at a famous nightclub in the African capital of Cameroon. It is being told that hundreds of people were present in that nightclub when the fire broke out. The heat generated by the flames caused the nightclub to explode. The cause of the fire is yet to be ascertained. Due to the severe burning of the dead bodies, their identification is also facing problems.

Fans have arrived from all over Africa for the football tournament
The tragedy in Yaounde comes at a time when Cameroon is hosting the month-long African Football Cup of Nations tournament. Thousands of football players, fans and officials from across the African continent are participating. Government spokesman René Emmanuel Saadi said investigations were underway to determine the names and nationalities of the dead and injured.

Kitchen gas cylinders exploded due to fire
Officials said the fire started at Bastos’s nightclub in the capital’s neighborhood and spread to the spot where cooking gas was kept. In a statement issued by the government, it was said that the injured have been admitted to a hospital in Yaounde. Cameroonian President Paul Biya expressed consolation in a statement and assured the players of their safety.