IndiaCame to study, now owns a cannabis shop in Canada; Malayalee...

Came to study, now owns a cannabis shop in Canada; Malayalee youth sharing their experience

St. Catherine: Many people may frown when they hear of Malayalees running the cannabis business in Canada. The first question that comes to mind is whether to go abroad and catch a tiger. But when things are clear, things are not as they seem. Importantly, cannabis is not illegal in Canada. Asianet News has reported the news of the Malayalee youth who opened the first cannabis shop in St. Catherine’s City.

Kiran from Nedumangad, Thiruvananthapuram and Ananthu from Pathanamthitta are the Malayalees who have gained attention in Canada through their cannabis business. Kiran talks to Asianet News about their cannabis shop ‘The Hempire’. The couple arrived at Niagara College in Ontario in September 2016. The turning point in their lives began when the two met in Canada and became roommates.

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The couple, who started working together to study to cover the cost of living, first started working as a dishwasher in a restaurant. Later he did many jobs. By the time Kiran and Ananthu finished their studies, cannabis was legal in Canada. With this, Kiran says, they decided to enter the sector as the newest business venture.

Kiran said in an interview that she learned more about this by attending online courses and attending seminars before going into business. They then apply for the license in 2020 and get the license after one and a half years of processing. The youth said that the local police clearance check had been completed in the meantime.

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They will open a retail shop called ‘The Hempire’ on August 13, 2021. Locals were alarmed to learn that cannabis was entering the business. But Kiran said she was convinced when the Canadian government told her how the industry was being treated. The youth say that the government system is functioning well here and there are restrictions on production and consumption.

There are also restrictions on how much cannabis a person can buy at one time. People under the age of 19 cannot buy cannabis. Kiran said that they are also raising awareness for their customers both online and offline. They mostly sell cannabis dried flower. “There is a lot of competition in business here,” Kiran said.

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