WorldCambodia agrees to temporarily take in 300 Afghan refugees

Cambodia agrees to temporarily take in 300 Afghan refugees

The organization has asked the Cambodian government to consider the possibility of granting temporary entry visas to its staff and their families in Afghanistan before asylum applications are approved.

Prime Minister Hun Sen agreed to temporarily take in 300 Afghan refugees.

In response to the above proposal, Prime Minister Hun Sen decided to accept up to 300 Afghan refugees and provide them with visas. In addition, Cambodia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is discussing further with the organization on the length of stay of the Afghan refugees.
The offer to accept Afghan refugees comes amid growing instability in the country. Afghanistan, which has been in turmoil since the Taliban took over Kabul, is now more complicated after ISIS-K militants bombed Hamid Karzai airport. The US is afraid that more terrorist attacks will continue to happen.

Cambodia agrees to temporarily accept 300 Afghan refugees

The situation in Afghanistan is very confusing right now.

On August 27, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said it is possible that as many as half a million Afghans will try to flee the country and seek asylum in the next four months. UNHCR also called on neighboring countries to open their borders to those seeking safety.


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