SportsCádiz saves a point in the last play of the match

Cádiz saves a point in the last play of the match

Alfonso ‘Pacha’ Espino celebrates the draw for Cádiz.AFP7 via Europa Press / Europa Press

Nothing is predictable in football. Levante believed themselves to be the winner in Cádiz, where they ruled the game with excellent minutes, dominated the scoreboard and even had the sentence in the final stretch. But it all ended in a draw (1-1) after a goal by lateral Espino in the last play of the game. Cádiz, limited as it is, showed a value that is gold, that of caste and faith. It is also worth adding. “This is Cádiz, fighting to the end,” explained the unexpected scorer as the team left to cheers.

Levante is committed to the value of continuity. Consolidated in the category, with the illusion, perhaps not very explicit, of taking the step that takes him to European competition, he has fought during the summer to stay within the salary cap set by the employer. He even signed up for a resignation from Campaña, his highest paid footballer. That possibility seems parked. In the league premiere he acted as captain general, acted as a midfielder and governed the game despite the fact that, entangled in a muscle injury that had no end, he had not played an official match since last November.

Campaign set the pace, first with Melero as lieutenant, then with newcomer Pablo Martínez, pairs that allude to Levante’s expectations. And the commander was not lacking. Morales scored before the break through a delicious thread and made it clear that Paco López does not lead just any troop. He dominated Cádiz, an issue that the team led by Álvaro Cervera does not usually care too much about, but above all he subjected him in such a way that during that first half more options to reach the area than with set pieces. That was how Negredo scored in the middle of that interval, the result of the blackboard, but also ahead of the opponent’s back line. The VAR validated the decision of the linesman, who had already raised the flag and nuanced the joy of the local fans.

People returned to the stadium in Cádiz to savor a category that they had not been able to enjoy last season. And the fiefdom had a new name, the Nuevo Mirandilla, a name that is welcomed amid controversy and warnings from the club’s leaders, who announce their intention to build their own field that does not depend on political ups and downs and is called Carranza. Beyond these disputes, Cádiz obeys the dictates of Álvaro Cervera: pick and shovel.

Morales’ ruling

At a disadvantage since the epilogue of the first part, the yellow box took the tools and looked for the ways to the tie. With shortcuts, as usual. Levante had enough maturity to defend itself with the ball. He handled it as soon as his technician refreshed the equipment. He also freed Morales from the defensive effort on the left flank. And he was ready to suffer because Cádiz, without bragging, did not stop looking at the goal, always ready to throw centers into the area and hit in the strategy. It was there that Aitor Fernández had to be applied to clear a header from the Armenian Haroyan after a corner kick.

The proximity of the end invited Paco López to save himself. On the way he was looking to win, two forwards, Soldado and Dani Gómez, were also injured. Morales finished in the lead and Campaña, exhausted, on the bench. The commander had to sentence in a hand-in-hand with the goalkeeper after Perea’s blunder. The ball went to the post and gave Cádiz one last life. And, of course, he squeezed it out.

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