Bus driver became messiah to save two bikers from storm, viral video...

Bus driver became messiah to save two bikers from storm, viral video won hearts of people

Many people have shared this video on social media.

New Delhi:

Surely nothing can be greater than humanity in this world. Many of us understand this very well. That’s why such people do anything to help each other. These days a very cute video is getting a lot of headlines on social media. The reason behind this is such that knowing whom you will be happy too. In fact, in the video which has been overshadowed on social media, a video of humanity is going viral from the middle of the storm in Istanbul. In which two school buses are saving the lives of bikers.

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In the video which is going viral on social media, two buses are seen passing through a bridge. The courier man is riding on his bike. The winds are blowing very fast because of the storm. In such a situation, both the buses are covering them. Some people claim that if those buses were not there, they would have carried the bikers in 130 kilometers (Kilometer) strong winds. The way the bus drivers saved the people who delivered the bike, now it is being praised everywhere.

Watch the video here-

As soon as this video was posted in the Internet world, people immediately started registering their reaction. After watching the video, a user wrote that in reality only people like the bus driver are keeping humanity alive till now. At the same time, another user said that in my opinion such videos, we all actually introduce humanity.

Let us tell you that there has been a severe storm in Turkey in the past. Due to which winds were blowing at a speed of 130 kilometers per hour in many places. Due to this storm, there was heavy damage in many places in Turkey. A part of the roof broke due to strong winds. Along with this, many people also lost their lives in the storm.