IndiaBurning price per cylinder, 42% quitting gas and burning wood again; ...

Burning price per cylinder, 42% quitting gas and burning wood again; Survey results out

New Delhi: The Opposition has confirmed that people have given up LPG and gone back to wood as the price of LPG cylinder has gone up. A survey of rural villages in northern India found that 42 per cent had given up cooking gas and started using firewood again. According to The Telegraph, a survey conducted in West Bengal’s Jhargram and West Midnapore districts.

Villagers give up gas

According to the report, the survey was conducted in 100 inland villages. According to the survey, 42 per cent of the people in about 100 villages have given up cooking gas due to the skyrocketing price of gas cylinders during the Pandemic. The report comes as the BJP alleges that the cooking gas cylinders provided under the BJP government’s Pradhan Mantri Ujwala Yojana scheme have made a huge difference in the lives of families in rural areas. Chief researcher Pravat Kumar Shit told the Telegraph that the survey visited about 560 houses in about 100 villages.

42% returned to the woods


He said 42 percent of those surveyed had abandoned their gas cylinders and returned to the woods. He said the reason for using firewood was the inability to afford the price of a gas cylinder during the Pandemic. The government has decided to expand cooking gas connections as part of the Ujwala Yojana launched in 2016. This has been a major campaign issue for the BJP in many Assembly elections. The Prime Minister had pointed out that cooking gas could be delivered to 98 per cent of households and kitchens in the country.

Three reasons to stop using gas

According to a researcher who is an assistant professor in the Department of Geography at IIT Gharagpur, the rise in gas prices has hit people hard. Researchers say there are three reasons why people abandon gas connections en masse, given the brilliant plan. The low availability of cylinders during the Covid period and the decline in the income of the people in the wake of the rise in gas prices led people in rural areas to give up cooking gas. According to the survey, people have resumed their habit of going to the forest to collect firewood after giving up gas.

Profit from buying firewood

The price of domestic cooking gas has gone up from Rs 620.50 per cylinder in September last year to Rs 926 this month. The survey was part of a study on the use of petroleum products in the Jhargram forest. The researchers said that when they visited homes in rural areas for the study, they found that people had abandoned gas cylinders in many places. Researchers also say that cats need to be included in any precautionary measures against the virus. According to the report, if you buy firewood for Rs 800, it can be used for three months, but if you buy a gas cylinder for Rs 900, it will be over within a month. He said he had stopped buying gas in early 2020. One woman pointed out that she could buy that month’s ration with the money she had set aside to buy gas.

Rahul Gandhi criticizes

Meanwhile, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who shared the report, slammed the central government. Rahul Gandhi scoffed that the country was running in reverse gear because of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s development and pointed out that people had given up gas and returned to fire. He added that the country running in reverse gear had lost its brakes.

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