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BSP Youth Brigade: Akash Anand, Kapil Mishra… Young Brigade is desperate to replace Mayawati’s BSP, know what will be their role in the elections?


  • Discussion of young brigade of BSP intensifies before next year’s assembly elections in UP
  • Increased activism of Kapil Mishra and Akash Anand, may get big responsibility
  • Akash and Kapil are addressing a program to connect the youth with the party

In view of the UP assembly elections, the thing that is being discussed the most about the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) at this time is its ‘Young Brigade’. Akash Anand and Kapil Mishra are the faces of this ‘Young Brigade’. The activation of these two faces is also considered a sign of a big change in the future. Both the faces are also important in the sense that while Akash Anand is the nephew of BSP chief Mayawati, Kapil Mishra is the son of Satish Mishra, who is considered number two after Mayawati in the BSP. Deep Singh of Navbharat Times is telling about both:

New sky of new responsibilities
From the stage, a 25-year-old youth asks the crowd in front, ‘Will you guys listen to me?’ A voice comes from the crowd, ‘Yes’. Young says, did not hear. He asks once again, will you listen to me? This time a louder voice comes from the crowd – yes. Then he asks, ‘Will you get the person’s bail forfeited?’ Once again a loud voice comes from the crowd – yes. This young BSP supremo Mayawati’s nephew is Akash Anand.

Last year, Mayawati had given him the responsibility of the national coordinator, but his role is going to be more special in this election. He has been given the responsibility of connecting the youth with the party. Mayawati’s younger brother Anand Kumar’s son Akash Anand has done MBA from London. He has been seen with Mayawati since 2017 but now he is holding separate meetings. Recently, he had a meeting with the youth in the national office of Delhi BSP. Apart from this, being the national coordinator, he is also holding meetings in other provinces.

Akash active on social media, will soon enter the field
Now the BSP is preparing vigorously for the UP assembly elections in 2022. Along with the Brahmin conferences, leaders of all castes have also been fielded in separate grounds for holding meetings. They are holding conferences at the Legislative Assembly level. It is believed that Akash Anand, who is holding meetings across the country, will also be seen in the UP elections soon. Here he will hold a youth conference. The party has prepared the program of the conferences. Apart from this, he will also attend many meetings with Mayawati and other big leaders of the party.

Akash Anand is also active on social media. As soon as he held a meeting with the youth in Delhi, he tweeted, ‘Talked with some dedicated youth colleagues of BSP about future plans. There has been a beginning of dialogue with young friends across the country on the issue of inflation, employment, equality and security. The thoughts of Manyavar Kanshi Ram ji and the achievements of respected Mayawati ji’s governance have to be conveyed to the people. There is also public perception that Akash will be Mayawati’s political successor.

Kapil becomes father’s strength

Kapil Mishra, son of Satish Chandra Mishra, is a lawyer by profession like his father. He has studied law from Amity University, Noida. He also appears on stage in Brahmin conferences these days along with Satish Chandra Mishra. Mayawati addressed the enlightened class conference at the BSP’s state office in Lucknow. Kapil Mishra was also seen on that stage. Recently he held a meeting with the youth at his father Satish Chandra Mishra’s office. He will hold such meetings regularly in Lucknow. Youth will come from all over the state. After that Kapil Mishra will go to other districts and hold youth conferences.

Kapil Mishra’s focus in youth conventions is very clear. In the conference held in Lucknow, he talked only on the issues of youth and told why it is necessary to defeat BJP. In his speech, he told the youth that ‘the youth are the most troubled and harassed in the BJP government itself. You are fighting the problem of unemployment. I am with you in this fight but first of all it is important to know what is the cause of our problems? The reason for this is the BJP government. The problems of youth can be ended only by removing the BJP government. At the same time, the BSP government had given employment earlier also and even now this party can solve our problems.

Trying to connect youth with the party
Kapil also counts the importance and flaws of social media to the youth. He said that BJP uses social media to build bridges of its praise. We do not have to fall under that delusion, but we should openly use social media to keep our right point. Nowadays most of the youth are on social media. Through this too we can make a big difference. Kapil himself is also active on social media. Kapil’s activism will give strength to his father.

Party General Secretary Satish Chandra Mishra, close to BSP supremo Mayawati, has once again been entrusted with an important responsibility. That responsibility is to repeat 2007. That social engineering, through which for the first time a full majority government of BSP was formed. Satish Chandra Mishra is continuously holding a conference to once again connect Brahmins with Dalits in the party.

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