IndiaBrother beheads pregnant woman; Mother and son taking selfies with their...

Brother beheads pregnant woman; Mother and son taking selfies with their heads


  • The incident took place on Sunday
  • The mother assisted in the murder
  • The girl ran away with her boyfriend in June

A pregnant woman’s beheaded brother for running away with her boyfriend. The victim was identified as Kirti Thore. The shocking incident took place in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. The 17-year-old brother and mother, who befriended the young woman at her home on Sunday, did exactly that. Police said that it was the mother who helped the girl by holding her legs while cutting off her head.

After the execution, the teenager tossed his sister’s head into the air. Witnesses said the two took selfies with their heads down. But this has not been confirmed by the police. Kriti Thor absconded with her boyfriend in June. The girl’s brother and mother were outraged.

The mother and brother came to the girl’s house with a request to talk to her. The woman was attacked while making tea for the two. The mother was holding her daughter’s legs as the teenager cut off his sister’s head.

The accused, who surrendered at the Veergaon police station after the murder, pleaded guilty. The arrest of the two was later recorded.

The girl’s mother had visited her a week ago. On December 5, she returned with her son. The girl was working in the field with her mother-in-law when the accused arrived. As soon as they saw their mother and brother, they ran away happily. After giving water to the accused, the woman went to the kitchen to make tea. Meanwhile, his brother, who came from behind, beheaded the woman, said police officer Kailash Prajapati.

When the accused reached home, the woman’s husband was at home ill. He heard the sound of dishes falling and ran to the kitchen. The accused tried to kill the woman’s husband but he escaped. Later, his brother came to the yard with the girl’s head, Kailash added.

Son burns to death with mother; The young man is in custody