India'Broke the chain'; Russia says Afghanistan safe in Taliban's hands; ...

‘Broke the chain’; Russia says Afghanistan safe in Taliban’s hands; And Pakistan in support


  • India’s neighbors with Taliban support
  • The Indian Embassy in Kabul has been evacuated
  • And the Russian Ambassador in support

Kabul: Asian countries have come out in support after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan. Russia, Pakistan and China have begun efforts to strengthen diplomatic ties with the Taliban. Russia says it will maintain its embassy in Kabul as various world powers expel their diplomats from Afghanistan.

Russia, meanwhile, has begun efforts to negotiate with the Taliban through a Russian ambassador. The Taliban has said it plans to work with other countries. Russia sees the Taliban as a terrorist organization. But the Russian ambassador has said that Afghanistan is safer in the hands of the Taliban than in previous regimes.

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Pakistan, which has been accused of providing military support to the Taliban for years, has also come out in support of the terrorist group. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s response was that the chains of Afghan slavery under the Taliban had been broken.

Meanwhile, India has evacuated its embassy in Kabul, which has fallen behind in diplomatic relations with Afghanistan. An Indian Air Force flight from Kabul with about 120 diplomats departed for New Delhi. India has also accepted special visa applications for those who want to escape the crisis in Afghanistan. The Kabul airport, which was closed by the US military yesterday due to security threats, has also been temporarily reopened.

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At the same time, India is concerned about future moves by the Taliban with the support of Pakistan and China. India, which supported the US-backed Ashraf Ghani government and built billions of rupees in infrastructure in Afghanistan, has not been able to establish diplomatic relations with the Taliban.

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