WorldBritish warships will be on permanent duty in Asian waters

British warships will be on permanent duty in Asian waters

During his trip to Japan, the British Defense Secretary announced that two British warships would be permanently deployed in Asian waters. The deployment will be made after the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier and its escorts – including US and Dutch warships – arrive in Japan in September.
The plan for a major carrier strike group visit comes as London strengthens its security ties with Tokyo. Japan has expressed growing concern in recent months regarding China’s policy in the region.

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace (left) is welcomed by Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga at the Prime Minister’s official residence in Tokyo (Japan), July 20.

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said the plan marked a new era for security and defense cooperation between Britain and Japan. In addition, a Coastal Response team, a unit of marines trained to perform missions including evacuation and counterterrorism, will also be built over the next few years.
The warship deployment is also another sign of Britain’s growing commitment to the region. After docking in Japan, the aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth and her escorts will detach to make visits to US and Japanese naval bases along the Japanese archipelago.