WorldBritish PM Johnson asks France to get over AUKUS Deal anger

British PM Johnson asks France to get over AUKUS Deal anger

Speaking to reporters during his visit to Washington, Johnson said he wanted to say, using French words, that “some of his dearest friends in the world should understand all this and leave him alone.”

Defending that the agreement is basically a step for global security, Johnson said about the AUKUS agreement, “It is the establishment of a new partnership for technology sharing by 3 like-minded allies standing shoulder to shoulder.” made its assessment.

The British Prime Minister claimed that they were not trying to push anyone, for example, that the agreement was not against China, they just wanted to increase the ties and friendship between these 3 countries.

AUKUS agreement between Australia, USA and UK

Following the AUKUS agreement signed by Australia, the US and the UK on September 16, it was announced that the Australian $90 billion (US$66 billion) contract with the French Naval Group for the construction of 12 conventional diesel-electric submarines was cancelled.

Evaluating the cancellation of the agreement as “betrayal”, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said that “we were shot in the back”.

Le Drian announced that, at the instruction of French President Emmanuel Macron, they decided to urgently recall the French Ambassadors to Canberra and Washington in order to consult.

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