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British PM: ‘China is taking a big risk by supporting Russia’, Boris Johnson’s message to Jinping – choose the right side

London : British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has given a clear message to China, asking it to choose the right side in the Russo-Ukraine war. He claimed that there were some signs of a “change of opinion” in Beijing. In an interview with The Sunday Times, the British Prime Minister alleged that Russian President Vladimir Putin was trying to establish a new global authoritarian order and that China was risking favoring the wrong side of history by not condemning the move. Is.

“I think in China you can see a change in some of the views,” he said. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a clearer case of right and wrong,” Johnson said. Never before have I seen such a clear distinction between good and evil because there is a war going on. It is quite clear that the right thing is on the Ukrainian side. Their plight is in front of the world, so I think people are understanding the change that has been going on for the last three weeks.
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‘China is a force to protect world peace’
Chinese State Consular Foreign Minister Wang Yi, in an interview with reporters on Saturday, introduced the status of the exchange of views on the Ukraine issue in the video talks between the leaders of China and the United States. Wang Yi said that Chinese President Xi Jinping presented China’s position on the Ukraine issue clearly and comprehensively. The most important message is that China has always been a force to protect world peace. We always advocate peace and oppose war.

Chinese Foreign Minister said – we will not accept external pressure
He said that this is China’s foreign policy. China takes independent decisions based on the facts of the case by adopting an objective and impartial attitude. We will never accept any outside pressure and we also oppose any baseless allegations and suspicions against China. Wang Yi stressed that President Xi Jinping also proposed a Chinese solution to the Ukraine crisis, which mainly involves two aspects.

‘The long-term solution’ is to abandon the Cold War mindset
Wang Yi said that it is imperative that all sides work together to promote dialogue and dialogue between the parties, to stop the ceasefire and stop fighting as soon as possible, and to avoid civilian casualties, especially to prevent humanitarian crises . The long-term solution is to abandon the Cold War mindset, avoid engaging in group confrontation, and build a truly balanced, effective and sustainable regional security framework. Only in this way can the long-term stability of the European continent be achieved.