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British Army in Afghanistan: British soldiers ran away wearing burqa to escape from Taliban? The flag of terrorists was placed on the vehicles

After the withdrawal of American troops in Afghanistan, the Taliban have taken complete control. However, due to mutual disputes, the Taliban government has not been announced yet. After the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in September 2001, the US attacked Afghanistan with NATO allies. Then the British army also fought shoulder to shoulder with the American army against Al Qaeda and Taliban. It has now been claimed that a few months ago, soldiers of the British army, who went on an intelligence mission, had to flee the Taliban stronghold wearing a burqa.

Soldiers were stationed on a secret mission outside Kabul
According to the Daily Star report, the British Special Forces stationed in Afghanistan was deployed on a secret mission outside Kabul. When these soldiers returned for Kabul, they had to adopt a cunning strategy to dodge the Taliban. Actually, a Taliban check point was coming in their way. Where he changed his appearance to hide his identity.

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Order was given to leave the mission and return to Kabul
A unit of 20 soldiers of the British Army’s Special Air Services (SAS) was ordered to leave amid an onslaught of Islamist militants in view of the withdrawal of American and NATO troops. These soldiers, stationed in the far southern region of Afghanistan for covert missions, were also told that they could not be provided with helicopters.

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Dodge the Taliban with clever strategy
The report quoted the source as saying that the British army was also terrified by America’s announcement of the withdrawal of troops before the predetermined time. He sent a message to the commando unit of his Special Forces stationed in the remote area to immediately cancel the mission and return to Kabul. After which the SAS commandos resorted to deceit to reach Kabul, hundreds of kilometers away.

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Kabul returned leaving military equipment
These commandos, chanting the motto “Who Dare Wins”, left their weapons and equipment there. He bought five local taxis to cover the hundreds of kilometers to the capital, Kabul. When he went on the journey, he was protected by the Anti-Terrorism Unit of the Afghan Army for a long distance. But in view of the increasing number of Taliban on the way, these soldiers also proved to be less.

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Taliban flags on vehicles wearing burqa

After which the Afghan soldiers gave many different colored burqas to the British Special Air Services. Only the eyes are visible in this traditional dress of Afghan women. The rest of the body is covered. Burqa-clad British soldiers even put up Taliban flags on their taxis. After which Taliban fighters left her at every checkpoint assuming her to be a local woman.

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US soldier could not be identified at the airport
On reaching Kabul, British soldiers took their taxis to the very close of the airport. There was already a crowd of thousands of Afghans. Despite the chaotic situation all around, the SAS Sergeant Major somehow reached an American soldier stationed at the airport gate. When the British officer introduced himself, the American soldier was taken aback. He informed this to his superior officer. After getting the information, they were taken to another room. There he was introduced to the British officers. They were quickly evacuated from Kabul after their identity was confirmed.

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