WorldBrent crude oil price exceeded $ 83

Brent crude oil price exceeded $ 83

The price of Brent crude on international markets on Monday reached $ 83.51 per barrel.

At the last auction on Friday, the price of a barrel of this brand of oil reached $ 83.80, but closed the day at $ 82.39.

As of 09.22 am on October 11, the price of Brent oil rose by 1.22 percent to $ 83.51 per barrel.

The cost of futures for WTI crude oil amounted to $ 80.69 per barrel.

Price pressures on crude oil, natural gas and coal markets around the world reinforce the perception that there will not be enough fuel for heating and electricity in winter. This continues to drive up oil prices.

Rising prices for natural gas and coal are also encouraging producers to use oil as an alternative fuel, supporting the upward trend in prices.

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