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Brazil or Argentina? Threat of beating! Shaiju Damodaran opens his mind!

The Brazil-Argentina final, which the world has been waiting for in anger, has turned football fans into two slums. Bra-half fans are killing when it comes to theoretical reviews of Italy-England final possibilities. Excitement is on another level Machans! Commentator and sports journalist Shyju Damodaran opens his mind with Sport Sports about the Euro-Copa Championship.

Brazil-Argentina, with whom?

The Brazil-Argentina final is a blessing in disguise for the football world. I will be with the best football they can bring out. You can not vote in polls in this forum. Both are excellent team. Teams with only talented people. But whoever presents the best moment, will stand by them. It’s going to change!

The Argentina-Brazil fixture is very lucky in the commentary life. Enjoy it and do whatever it takes to make it as great as possible. This is the only thing on my mind right now. The prayer is that there will be moments in the commentary box where you can score. Let Messi and Neymar score! When asked who should win, he said that those who bring out the best in the game should win.

Messi and Neymar, about them …

They are the beauty of football. Wouldn’t the fans be like wet crackers without them? What a thrill now. That is to say, we have seen Messi and Neymar playing together. It is not always the case that they come face to face for the country. Another important thing is that Messi and Neymar are in great form. Injuries and lack of form do not bother them. Messi has scored two goals on free kicks. Neymar scores with his perfect touch. Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection.

Was there a threat of beating?

Yes, it happened. But I take it as an acknowledgment. The threat was not that he would be beaten for misrepresenting the fact in the commentary box. If the fan does not say much about the team, it is an indication that he will be beaten if the commentary comes in favor of the opposing team. That is the threat that goes to the referees! Look at how much the commentary affects them all. Doesn’t this mean that they even think that the team will win if the commentator takes their side? I’m going to take that threat as an award.

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The best team in Euro …

They are the ones playing the final. Because we saw the best football in Euros. France, Germany and Spain returned without seeing the final in the Euro, which was full of dramatic extra time and exciting moments of the shootout. How magnificently the teams that were considered weak played. Italy and England are the best teams to reach the final after overcoming all these challenges. Now the champions are the ones who can overcome the pressure of the final.

Shocking moment ….

In the Euro Cup match between Denmark and Finland, it was a shocking sight to see Christian Eriksen collapse on the ground. Although there was no live commentary mission for that match, what happened to Eriksson was devastating. Later, when Eriksen returned to life in a way that inspired the Danish team itself, that frustration and pain disappeared.

Tribute to Milkha Singh …

The Italy-Wales match was played at the Olympic Stadium in Rome. The commentary began just before the kickoff, referring to the relationship between the stadium and Indian Athletics. Milkha Singh, popularly known as the Flying Singh, set the national record in the 400 meters at the 1960 Rome Olympiads in 45.73 seconds. For four and a half decades that record was in Milkha’s name. All this was said in detail. Milkha Singh, who was suffering from Covid, died two days later. The joy of being able to pay homage to him while he was still alive remains in the commentary box.

Shocking goal ….

The shocking goal was scored by Patrick Shik of the Czech Republic from 49 meters into Scotland’s net. The goal that aroused this euro. It was a sudden move. That long shot was not expected when the ball bounced off his feet just outside the chic half line. Everyone was shocked when it got into the net.

The goal is to signal that something unexpected is going to happen in this euro. Each match was not better than the other. We enjoyed the thrilling game moments.

Super sub moment …

Ferran Torres comes on as a substitute in the second half of the Spain-Slovakia match. Torres was stunned when he scored a beautiful backflake goal in 44 seconds. Torres’ first touch after entering the field is the goal. This is the fastest goal scored by a sub in the Euros.

The role of the commentator in the war …

War testing has become part of football. On the one hand, there are criticisms that it hinders the flow of the game. A disappointing sight when players cheer for a goal and then know it is not a goal. It’s a relief to the opposing team. This should include the commentator. If the goal falls, describe it as exciting. If it’s not a goal, it’s a disappointment for the player and the team that scored the goal. At the same time, you should share the comfort of the opposing team. There is no escape without the commentator transcending the various emotions on the ground.

Denmark conquers the heart …

Denmark are a team that was shattered in a tragic scene against Finland. The match was put on hold for a while after teammate Christian Eriksen collapsed. They then had to go down to the ground to finish the match. But they lost to Finland. In the second match, Denmark lost to Belgium. But Denmark reached the knockout stage by defeating Russia. They were battling it out in front of England in the semi-finals. Heroes of the Euros are the Danish team itself. Their Damsguard is a favorite that comes to mind through unexpected performances. Uruguay’s Suarez is a disappointing player. Suarez led Atletico Madrid to victory in the Copa del Rey. But I could not see that glittering performance.


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