IndiaBoys and girls should not study together: The Taliban issued the first...

Boys and girls should not study together: The Taliban issued the first fatwa


  • The Taliban issued the first fatwa
  • Higher education in crisis
  • Taliban leader with explanation

Kabul: The Taliban have banned boys and girls from studying in the same class in Afghan universities days after the announcement that it would protect women’s freedom and civil rights. The Taliban have banned girls and boys from attending private and government universities in Herat province. The Taliban claim that this is the root cause of the evil in society.

The decision was made during talks between university professors, private university managements and Taliban leaders, according to the Khama Press News Agency. PTI reports that this is the first fatwa since Afghanistan took control. The latest news comes amid reports of violence against women and children by Taliban militants across the country.

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The Mujahideen for Taliban leader Sabin told a news conference yesterday that he would protect women’s rights within Islamic law. This was the first press conference held after taking power in the country. Taliban leaders have said they do not want Afghanistan to remain an isolated state and will cooperate with other countries.

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For the last twenty years, many universities in the country have been conducting separate classes for boys and girls and classes together. But the Taliban leader in charge of higher education said that boys and girls would not be allowed to study together and that the practice should end. The leader also clarified that teachers are not allowed to teach boys. According to official records, there are about 40,000 students and 2,000 teachers in the province. Experts in the field point out that the new ban will be a major setback for girls studying in private universities.

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