IndiaBoys and girls should not be together; The Taliban say men...

Boys and girls should not be together; The Taliban say men should not teach girls


  • Do not study together
  • Men should not teach girls
  • Afghan Education Minister with ban

Kabul: The Taliban has officially banned boys and girls from studying together in Afghanistan. Male teachers are also banned from teaching girls. Sheikh Abdul Baqi Haqqani, the Taliban’s Minister of Higher Education, has said that men will not allow girls to take classes.

Haqqani also announced that all educational activities in the country would now be subject to Sharia law. Addressing the people, Haqqani said the Taliban would ensure the upliftment of the education system in Afghanistan. The statement came after he took over as the acting minister of higher education.

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Haqqani also criticized the current education system for failing to uphold Islamic principles. He also said that all anti-Islamic elements involved in the education system will be removed.

Last week, the Taliban banned boys and girls from studying in the same class in Afghan universities. The ban follows a declaration that it would protect women’s freedom and civil liberties. The Taliban has banned girls and boys from attending private and government universities in Herat province. This was followed by the response of the Minister of Education.

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The Taliban have banned boys and girls from studying in the same class in universities, citing the root cause of evil in society. The first announcement came after talks between university professors, private university managements and Taliban leaders. This was the first fatwa since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan.

Earlier in the day, Mujahideen told a news conference that Taliban leader Sabin would protect women’s rights within Islamic law. This was the first press conference held after taking power in the country. Taliban leaders have said they do not want Afghanistan to remain an isolated state and will cooperate with other countries.

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The Taliban, meanwhile, has said it wants to maintain trade and cultural ties with India. India is seen as an important partner as an important country. Sher Mohammad Abbas Staniksa, a senior Taliban leader, said he wanted to maintain political and cultural ties in addition to trade ties.

The Taliban had suspended trade with India after taking control of Afghanistan, but changed its position just days later. India’s development work in Afghanistan must continue. The relationship with India is of great importance. International media reported that the Taliban had said that trade by air should be kept open.

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