WorldBoyfriend Message: Unmarried people under the age of 18 can write their...

Boyfriend Message: Unmarried people under the age of 18 can write their letters, 55 years ago two teenagers wrote!

Own report: Two 15-year-old British teenagers wrote a letter looking for a boyfriend. They filled the bottle with the letter and floated it in the river. It was written in the letter, those who will receive this letter, they should contact them!

The letter was finally found. But sometimes 55 years have passed. The letter was written in 1978. April 2 The bottle is found in the Humber estuary in North Lincolnshire, UK.

What was written in the letter?

The letter was almost dry as the bottle was well sealed. The two teenagers in the letter are 15 years old. Names Jennifer Coleman and Janet Blankley. Dated 9th August 1986. It was said that after receiving the letter, unmarried boys above 18 years of age but under 18 years of age will be able to write their letter.

It is learned that Coleman has been found on Facebook. He was also shown the letter through a video call. Coleman flew to Australia long ago after finishing school. He and his girlfriend floated the letter-filled bottle a short distance from where the bottle was found. It floated away. But the return wave may have moved closer to shore. He said he no longer had contact with his girlfriend, Blankley. But he must have been surprised to hear the letter.

Coleman added that it was true that she had not found a boyfriend by floating the letter in the river. But at the age of 49, she met the man she loved.

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